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Ipsos is about 14 KM north east from Corfu town, This village is developed following the coast. Ipsos is just behind the Pantokratoras mountain, while in the front there’s a view over Albania coastline. The beach of Ipsos is placed in a very large bay and the village is just behind. The sea is clean and not very deep. At the end of the beach there’s a small pear and there are also different kind of water sports available. There are many restaurants & bars along the beach. Ipsos is a tourist place ideal for young people.

There is a bus line conneted to the south and the north of Corfu. You can find boat tours or coach tours that will take you straight to Kassiopi, to Corfu town and nearer beaches. It’s also possible to rent a car, motorbikes, or bicycles. The re are many kinds of shops like supermarkets, souvenir shops and everything else you may need. 

Agios Markos  is the oldest venetian villages of Corfu, located just 4 miles from the Ipsos beach and 18km from the city of Corfu. The village belongs to the protected areas of the Ministry of Culture, thanks to its long history and great Venetian architecture. The village is surrounded by low hills and woodland and offers astonishing views of the Ionian see and beyond to Corfu old town with its two fortresses.

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